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Why a quality mark for donation and pre sales crowdfunding is necessary!

Bijgewerkt op: 2 okt. 2019

Even though crowdfunding is not that new anymore, still way too many crowdfunding campaigns are launched without the required preparation. You can recognize these campaigns easily they have no momentum and almost no investors. That's a shame because in most cases their product or goals is very worthwhile and impactful. 

What are the passionate people, startups and entrepreneurs to do that are so impatient to start their crowdfunding campaign, and don't take the time to invest in people, networks to commit to participating and promoting the crowdfunding campaign.

They can do two things: 

1. Kill the campaign, delete and start again and now with the right preparation. 

2. is your crowdfunding goal feasible, than continue, but go All-in. 

Invest a lot of time in attracting the audience you need, and get noticed and get funded. In many cases work has already been done on the visual aspect of the campaign and the rewards, so its all about targeting, connecting, attracting and investing. 


But before you think of starting a campaign register your campaign for 'the crowdfunding quality mark" first. You will receive valuable tips and advice to increase the chances of your success and your campaign will be trusted by your potential donors and buyers. 

Today many potential buyers and donors are shying away from donation and pre sales based crowdfunding because of the many fraudulent and non communicative campaigners.

What does a quality mark mean for your campaign? 

- You sign up for a quality mark. 

- We will check your personal information, bank account number and residence and the product or project you want to crowdfund for. 

- After the due diligence and the signing of the quality mark conditions you will receive the 'badge' that you can add to your campaign and your campaign will be listed on the website of 'the crowdfunding quality mark agency" 

-If you wish to receive more campaign advice and even campaign execution supoort the quality mark agency can provide that against a monthly fee. 

After your succesful crowdfunding campaign we will folow your progress, and ask for updates regularly which we will add to your campaign page on our website . This way your donors and buyers will be kept informed about your progress and when you will be expected to deliver your product. 

You will find that the next funding round would become much easier if a succesful crowdfunding campaign has been organised this way. It gives investors, donors, buyers more confidence and gives you more working capital to work on your product and goal. 

Another guaranteed way to organise a successfull crowdfunding campaign is to be patient and prepare well and understand what is needed to run a succesfull campaign. 

Here is some more insights in the crowds and the four levels of crowdfunding. 

Magma (Inner core of relations)

Micro ( Magma + Inner core fo the inner core relations)

Macro (Micro + assistance of Key partners, organisational team and PR)

Meso ( Macro + 50 campaigners at least and more...)

( Magma) Crowdfunding campaigns of 5000 euro can be realized with the aid of the Magma (inner core) and Micro (the crowd of the magma crowd)  crowd in combination with one final event.

( Micro) Crowdfunding campaigns of 10.000 euro also need to rely on PR activities and at least 2 key partners to reach the target audience and co- organize events. In combination with a Launch event, early investor event and final event, preferably at the location of the key partners.

( Macro) Crowdfunding campaigns of 20.000 euro take an extra 30 days to prepare compared to Magma and Micro and the commitment of at least 10 key networks and 4 mediacampaigns to reach and target the target audience including at least 3 events during the campaign and a national orientation.

( Meso) Crowsdfunding campaigns of 50,000 euro and more require rewards ( if not a ROI or equity) that entice many crowds to join and not be location based.

We prefer these crowdfunding campaigns to be pre- tested with a campaign for 10% of the desired amount to learn and invest in relations and have a budget to invest in DTP, marketing and PR exposure for the big campaign and to invest in skills to organize the campaign.

Pitch events, get noticed

You need to invite yourself to potential pitch events for people to experience you and your ambition in person.

Recruit campaigners

It also requires the assembly of at least 50 campaigners that commit to promoting and assist in organizing the campaign.

These 50 campaigners ( on average 1000 euro per campaigner) need to really commit.

📷 These 50 can be found by inviting many people in the first days of preparation to become part of the team. 

These 50 will also assist with their networks in reaching out to the media that can target a large audience.

These 50 can be rewarded by sharing rewards and perhaps a sum of the crowdfunding campaign proceeds.

These 50 will be given access to a toolkit and will also be promoted among the investors.

Thsese 50 will also keep on contributing to your business long after the succesful execution of the campaign.

For more information visit our website

On crowdclan a similar article was published, but with a focus on getting customers to commit to the purchase of a product or service.

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