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Social Impact & Online Fundraising Challenge are starting again!

We recently stopped our social restaurant Het Cruydenhuisch in Eindhoven, it is now the Filipino restaurant Kabayan Dreamfloat.

In Het Cruydenhuisch we have organized many meetings, entrepreneurial drinks and coaching sessions for local initiatives.

The Cruydenhuisch had offered the opportunity to various starting catering entrepreneurs to use the facilities. During corona times we launched Food Court Stratum and Menu040.

During the restaurant period, we also raised funds for social impact initiatives and for non-profits, which is always fascinating and fun to do.

From the beginning of January we will therefore organize the Social Impact Challenge and Online Fundraising Challenge again. Both last four months but are different from each other.

The aim of both is to devise, concretize and realize a fundraising campaign as quickly as possible. But if the social impact initiative of one of the Social Impact participants is still in full development, the aim is to raise funds for the successful launch of the initiative.

For more information visit the events page.

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