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Crowdfunding/ Online Fundraising & Social Impact Fundraising

Compared to many years ago realising your social impact initiative is made easier. 

Many platforms are able to assist in getting the funding and reaching the desired target groups. 

How to use them and be successful is what our programmes can teach you and get funded. 

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The Crowdfunding Qualitymark

Even though crowdfunding is not that new anymore, still way too many crowdfunding campaigns are launched without the required preparation. You can recognize these campaigns easily they have no momentum and almost no investors. That's a shame because in most cases their product or goals are very worthwhile and impactful. 

Before you think of starting a campaign, register your campaign for "the crowdfunding quality mark" first. You will receive valuable tips and advice to increase the chances of your success and your campaign will be trusted by your potential donors and buyers. 

Today many potential buyers and donors are shying away from donation and pre sales based crowdfunding because of the many fraudulent and non-communicative campaigners.
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Our story

Having been a crowdfunding professional for 9 years and a fundraising expert for 25 years we have seen many campaigns fail time and again.

In most cases the failure was to be expected. 

- The three primary reasons for failure are:

- 1. Launching a campaign to quickly

- 2. No real management of the campaign

- 3. No real marketing & PR activities.


Creating a crowdfunding page on a recognized crowdfunding platform like Indiegogo, kickstarter, fundme and many others is just one step of many ro take. 

We also experienced many fraudulent campaigns and non-communicative ones. In order to prevent trustworthy crowdfunding campaigns of becoming a victim of the bad press 'the crowdfunding quality mark' was established.   

Our services can also add significantly to the success of crowdfunding campaigns. 

Our Mission

Our services

- Consult  
-Campaign plan

-Campaign support

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